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For those with an encyclopedic knowledge of the UK underground music scene, the name Mark Stoney may already be a familiar one, for the diverse yet distinctive songwriting talent of the critically acclaimed and somewhat enigmatic multi-instrumentalist has been held in high regard among many musicians and music pundits in the know on both sides of the Atlantic for some time now, and his long awaited return with new album “More Than Animals” demonstrates Stoney’s natural British pop sensibilities refined with profoundly intimate lyrics and soaring melodic arrangements that burst with passion, personality, and depth.

More Than Animals is is every bit as fearlessly eclectic as his previous work, albeit more sophisticated and with an altogether darker tone. With the assistance of L.A based Warren Huart (also a British Ex-Pat living in the U.S) Stoney hops genre with consummate ease, packing each infectious and haunting melody with potent lyrics throughout a record where jerky push-and-pull indie-pop songs such as “Sweet Release” and “The Score” are unafraid to rub shoulders with the tender elegance of the intimate “We Belonged” and “Albatross”, More than Animals is a treasure trove, full to the brim with wonderfully crafted, timeless songs.

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The Scene and the Unseen was kinda Stoney’s debut album, released in 2006. It was home-grown and self-released, but he stood out in the heady days of New Yorkshire, receiving praise from the industry and mainstream media.

It also got him a couple of tours with fellow Sheffielders the Arctic Monkeys, MySpace messages from Lily Allen asking for lyric help (ha!), a flight over to LA to play for Rick Rubin in an audience of 1, and a bunch of syncs on tv and film. None of it paid off, obviously, so he moved to Austin TX and started learning American.

“…The echoes in his music of the Small Faces, solo McCartney and Hunky Dory Bowie share space with an up-to-date musical eccentricity and elasticity that calls to mind Beck, Super Furry Animals and Ed Harcourt. In other words, weird enough to be hip, commercial enough to be huge....”

— The Sunday Times

"..A hidden gem of an album, packed with invention..."

— NME 9/10

“The British singer-songwriter recalls a younger David Bowie with the dapper swagger of The Kinks. He can easily switch between coy rock songs about nightlife and Elliott Smith-inspired bedroom folk….”

— NPR Music

"..The Scene & The Unseen runs the gamut of the best pop over the past 40 years... lyrically sharp and defying classification, every song is a new experience.."

— Sunday Express 4/5

"His voice is really something lovely, A high tenor with a hint of an accent . Stoney reminds me, just a little, of Two Gallants or Jack White, if he was British. These Brits do know how to make the music"

— Entertainment Weekly

“What's certain is that this young multi-instrumentalist oozes star appeal, and possesses enough talent to back up the bravado.”

— Drowned in Sound 9/10

"..Sussed and intelligent. simply put, I can't think of many better songwriters operating than Mark Stoney"

— Sandman Magazine 5/5


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